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Nanny of the Maroons, Moore Town, and Nanny Falls Journey with Where Wil We Go

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Jamaica, a Caribbean jewel, is not just renowned for its stunning beaches and reggae beats. It holds within its heart an enchanting history and breathtaking natural landscapes that beckon exploration. Join 'Where Wil We Go' Travel Vlog as we venture into the tales of Nanny of the Maroons, the legacy of Maroon towns, the captivating allure of Moore Town, and the mesmerizing Nanny Falls.

Nanny of the Maroons: A Tale of Courage and Leadership

Our story begins with a legendary figure, Nanny of the Maroons. Born in the 17th century in what is now Ghana, West Africa, Nanny was enslaved and transported to Jamaica. She soon escaped to the Jamaican mountains, where she became a central figure in the Maroon resistance against the British. Nanny's incredible leadership, strategic brilliance, and profound knowledge of the terrain made her a formidable force against oppression.

Today, Nanny is celebrated as a symbol of freedom and resistance, inspiring generations and reminding us of the strength that comes from unity and perseverance.

Maroon Towns: Preserving Heritage and Identity

In the heart of Jamaica, lie the Maroon towns - strongholds of freedom, resilience, and heritage. Established by escaped slaves who fought for their freedom, these towns, including Moore Town, Accompong, Charles Town, and Scott's Hall, are a testament to the tenacity and unity of the Maroon community.

Maroon towns have preserved their African roots, customs, and dialects, allowing us to step back in time and witness a piece of history that's vibrant, encapsulated in the unique architecture and traditional ceremonies that have been passed down through generations.

Moore Town: An Immersive Cultural Experience

Nestled in the scenic Jamaican Blue Mountains, Moore Town stands as a living museum of Maroon heritage. Stepping into Moore Town is akin to stepping back in time, with its traditional houses and lively community. The air is filled with the sweet aroma of traditional Jamaican food, and the vibrant colours of Jonkonnu celebrations paint a lively picture.

Guided by the descendants of Nanny and her Maroon warriors, we were immersed in the history, culture, and pride that embodies Moore Town. It's a place where tales of resistance and freedom come to life, offering a glimpse into the Maroon way of life.

NB: If you would love to experience this Moore Town Cultural Experience check out Nanny Falls Tours on IG @nannyfallstours the tour costs $1500 JMD per person and begins in Moore Town, Portland. You can contact them at 876-576-6204 - they were our tour guides for the day.

The Trail to Nanny Falls: A Scenic Adventure Awaits

Embarking on a journey from Moore Town to Nanny Falls, we were enchanted by the beauty of the Jamaican countryside. The trail winds through lush rainforests, presenting an abundance of flora and fauna native to the region. The rhythmic symphony of nature, the chirping of birds, and the rustling of leaves added to the magical ambiance of the trek.

With each step, the anticipation builds, propelling us forward toward the cascading beauty of Nanny Falls.

Nanny Falls: A Natural Spectacle

Finally, our journey led us to Nanny Falls, a tribute to the courageous Nanny of the Maroons. The falls descend majestically, forming a serene pool below - a nature lover's haven. Taking a dip in the invigorating waters, we felt a sense of connection with the surroundings and the historical legacy that lives on.

As the water cascaded around us, we imagined the Maroons finding solace and strength in the presence of such natural wonders.

'Where Wil We Go' Travel Vlog: Documenting the Adventure

Through the lens of 'Where Wil We Go' Travel Vlog, we were able to capture the essence of this extraordinary journey. We invite you to join us as we revisit the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future through our travel adventures. Our vlog is a visual testament to the wonders of the world and the remarkable stories that define them.

Stay tuned for more exhilarating journeys, for the question remains - 'Where Wil We Go' next? The world awaits.


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